Whether you have already completed a tricks class, are learning on your own at home or would like to get started trick training, these helpful tips will make your training sessions more successful.

Practice Makes Perfect!

We all know that you can’t get better at something unless you practice. Set aside time for short training sessions in your weekly schedule: meal time, commercial breaks or a morning routine. Your dog will enjoy the quality time and you will be amazed at how much you can learn together.

Make a Plan for Success

Make training sessions more successful by arranging your practice in a specific order.

  1. Known tricks  Start off with tricks that your dog is confident with to get them into a working and learning mindset.
  2. Athletic tricks – Train these skills while your dog’s energy and motivation is at its peak.
  3. New tricks – Now that your “warm-up” is complete, work on new tricks. Only spend a few minutes on each trick and make sure to give lots of feedback, praise and don’t forget…treats!
  4. Fun trick – End your session with something fun, both of you will look forward to next time!

Time to Reflect

Take a few minutes to review how the day’s training session went. Keeping a journal is a great way to document the progress you made and to clearly see where you need to spend some extra time. Remember that it’s not just about your dogs performance either. Trick training requires you to work as a team so don’t forget to review your own skills to see where you can improve your techniques, timing or communication with your dog.

Go With the Flow

Dogs can have off days just like we do so keep that in mind when it comes time to trick train with your dog. Even though you may have planned to work on certain tricks your dog may just not be feeling it that day. Be flexible and adjust your plan if your dog is easily distracted or seems to be lacking motivation. Besides learning or improving their tricks your goal should always be to make sure that your dog enjoys working on their tricks with you!

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4 Tips for Trick Training