Agility Foundations 1 & 2


Agility is a great way to exercise your dog both mentally and physically while working as a team and improving your relationship. Learn safety and proper performance of all obstacles while spending quality time with your dog and having fun. Basic handling skills and communication are key components learned in this level which will prepare you for more advanced classes.







Students will continue to build upon foundation skills to improve technique and consistency. Classes will focus on timing cues and obstacle approach. Handlers and their dogs will be introduced to building sequences and incorporating known handling skills. Improved communication will play an important role in advancement through this level.







Learning to walk and analyze courses will be the main focus in this class. Handlers will identify and assess handling options based on their individual dogs for the courses provided. Developing an understanding of the dog’s path from obstacle approach to completion in course context will be key in progressing to the next level.




All classes are taught at Canine Complex & Friends. Classes are $180/8 weeks.