Tricks are for Dogs!

Level 1 Tricks Class will teach you how to communicate with your dog in order to achieve a desired behavior. Through working with reward and positive reinforcement your dog will learn different types of tricks to show off just what a great trick team you are!

Dog tricks encompass a range of sports categories including: agility, disc dog, dog dancing/freestyle, helper/service dog, hunting/retrieving, obedience, search and rescue/police dog, therapy dog, and tracking. We will be training a variety of tricks covering multiple categories in this class. As the owner/handler you will be learning techniques for eliciting desired behaviors from your dog. You will also learn how to use a reward marker with correct timing to efficiently communicate the goal behavior to your dog. Since this is a Level 1 Tricks class we will be learning many foundation behaviors that will be used for building higher level tricks!

Level 1 Class Info $180/8 weeks


Tricks Class Level 2

Level 2 Tricks Class will provide new opportunities for fun and another set of challenges for you and your dog to accomplish together! You will be utilizing many of the foundation skills and knowledge learned in Level 1 to accomplish higher-level tricks. Known behaviors will become the groundwork which we will build upon to learn advanced skills and behavior chains.

You will be focusing on the four key elements of training to ascertain strengths and weaknesses in your communication and relationship with your dog. We will identify what foundation skills act as pre-requisites for more advanced tricks so that you may determine where to focus your skill-building. You will learn how to build on known behaviors by using progressively greater hints with your dog to encourage them to respond to more subtle cues.

Level 2 Class Info $180/8 weeks